Thank you for purchasing one of our firearms that has our industry exclusive glitter coat surfaces. This coating is sure to make your firearm standout from the crowd as a unique, personal piece that will last a lifetime if the following care instructions are followed. 


The coating will not crack, flake, peel, or fade. You may notice a piece or two of loose glitter as the firearm is breaking in. This is normal and expected, but will lessen and eventually cease depending on the amount of use your firearm experiences. Rest assured, the piece or two you might see is miniscule to the amount that is permanently embedded in coating. This is part of the break in process. Small parts of the glitter coating protrude from the clear coating and will shed or shave off. The glitter-base is permanently embedded in the coating.

The integrity of the coating is second-to-none. Friction will cause the coating to wear over time like all surfaces that are exposed to our environment. However, the clear coating is far more durable than almost any coating on the market today and will outlast those considerably. Follow these guidelines to ensure you get the longest lifespan from your coating.


• Do not use holsters that are hard with tighter fits, or that have aggressive surfaces (e.g. plastic/Kydex). Use of holsters like these will void the guarantee of the coating.

• Special care should be taken when re-holstering firearms with plastic/Kydex holsters to be sure it doesn't catch/scrape.

• Leather holsters are the middle road. They are better than plastic, but more aggressive than nylon or neoprene. When possible, try to stick with the latter – nylon and neoprene.

• Holsters manufactured in clothing are usually non-aggressive, but use your best judgment based on the fabric’s roughness.



• Do not use: solvents, ultrasonic cleaners, acetone, any cleaner containing harsh acids or bases, lacquer/paint thinner, mineral spirits, or similar. If in doubt, please contact us for additional help!

• The best cleaning tools to use:

Mild cleaner/lubricant combination

Lint-free cloth

Soft toothbrush

• Apply cleaner/lubricant oil to the toothbrush and softly brush the glitter-coated surface, wipe off oil with the lint-free cloth. Cotton swabs can be used to wipe out corners, etc.